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« on: February 11, 2017, 08:07:36 am »

In-Game name: [T]A[L]H[A]_RAO
Score: well i dont have 500 score , coz no player come to play so how i can make score , but im capturing places for score
Age:14/2/2003 :)
Do you write and understand English fluently?: yes
Do you speak any other languages?:Urdu,Punjabi,english
How long have you been playing SA:MP?:1 year
How active are you?:yes
Have you ever been banned before?:no
Are you able to use Skype?: yes
Why do you want become a operator:i  , want to ban hackers , i want to stop players from rule breaking and i will guide new players :)
Have you read  rules ? : Yes/No, Yes
Do you accept that breaking  rules may get your OP status removed ? : Yes/No, yes
Screenshot of your /stats: [/center]capturing places
Additional information : well shooter pak know all about me u canask him :) [/center]